Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Right now I'm lying in bed with a bin overflowing with tissues beside me and sipping a hot cup of tea, trying to remember what I have done this past month.

One significant thing, I suppose, was my decision to become a vegetarian. Not forever, just for a month to see if I could manage it. Most people looked at me strangely when I told them I was doing it to challenge myself, but I think it's good to challenge yourself now and then. 

For example, in December I made up my own advent calendar and stuck to it quite rigidly. Granted, I didn't do everything on my list (I still need to make a cloth wreath) but I was pretty faithful to my challenge. I also came across an facebook conversation I had a while back when I put on a bracelet and tried to go 21 days (don't ask me where this figure came from, I have no idea) without complaining. If I complained, I would swap the wrist the bracelet was on, and start again.

The ironic part of this challenge, I suppose, is that I write frequently in this blog about things that frustrate me. A few friends have picked up on this, one telling me 'I like the way you moan about things'. Trust me, this was not my intention when starting this, but there we go. There are some things that need to be vented.

The trigger for this challenge, however, was because I was countlessly being mistaken as a vegetarian. I have absolutely no idea why, but so many people have challenged my meat purchasing over the past few months especially, thinking I was a vegetarian. Even people I have know for almost 5 years. 

When I questioned them as to why they thought this, I had a few funny responses, such as that I seemed like a 'caring person' but the most memorable was my friend saying with the utmost sincerity 'It's, like, something you would do'. Emphasis on the you. I'm not sure whether to be flattered or not.

Anyway, this month's challenge went of to a flying start. I celebrated my last carnivorous day with the best sunday lunch I have ever had, and then embarked on the challenge. At first, it was quite easy. I didn't miss meat much at all, and my mum was very kind and made vegetarian food all week so I wouldn't have to cook for myself. But school was where it was hardest.

Those of you who have the pleasure of attending the best school in Bridgend County Borough (no sarcasm intended) will know that despite the good academic results, the food results in the canteen aren't so great. 

Don't get me wrong, I love our school dinner ladies, they're amazing. Every morning, several times a day, Tash and I cue up, and as soon as they see us they say 'tea laave?' and give us tea without waiting for a response. Their school dinners are a different story, though.

I don't know why, but they feel the need to put sweetcorn in everything they make. I know that this has nothing to do with being a vegetarian, but I really don't understand it. I can justify sweetcorn in tomato pasta, and at a stretch bolognase, but baked beans and sweetcorn as a pasta topping? I don't think so.

But besides the sweetcorn problem, there was literally nothing to eat except a cheese baguette and a cold tomato and basil pasta (with sweetcorn added, naturally). I chose the tomato and basil pasta (which was foul just in case you were thinking of buying it), since I don't eat raw cheese. And yes, there is such thing as raw cheese, a.k.a unmelted. Trust me, I have met many that find the concept of raw cheese hard to understand.

I didn't really miss meat much though. The point when I suddenly wanted to stop being a vegetarian was when I saw a picture of  Haribos on Facebook somewhere, and suddenly craved gelatin and everything meat related at once. 

And so, Sunday came around, mother dearest took the roast beef out of the oven and I decided to end my week of vegetarianism. It may not seem much, and I may not have completed the full month, but meat has never tasted so good.

A little side note, you may have noticed my new snazzy blog title. I'm very proud of it, as I struggled greatly with the concept of trying to put a few images and some text together. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to make it (including the little teacup sketch of mine that I scanned) so appreciate it. 

To end, I'm leaving you with a song I stumbled across. They're a relatively unknown band, so I suppose I'm quite 'hipster' for liking them. Enjoy! 

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